Wednesday, January 20, 2010

white heat





Thrifted Saks Fifth Avenue hat and vintage dress. This dress is just what I need to look forward to Spring.

Listening to: True Blue-Madonna. Favorite track: Jimmy Jimmy.

I took these pictures on Sunday in LA when I went to the Fairfax flea market for the first time! San Diego really lacks in the swap meet department, so this was a sort of amazing experience for me. I found some really great stuff that I am excited to wear (including a funny romper that, according to my sister, looks like "a costume for a burger shop". It definitely needs some altering.

I hope everyone in So Cal is enjoying the stormy weather! I personally could do with a little less wind. While walking just a couple blocks today, it pushed my umbrella inside out constantly. Not so much fun!


MissFashion said...

Hunn.I lovee the dress .The hat is so stylish and they are so suitable. :)


G&M said...

you look adorable

Meggstatus said...

your hat is sooo amazing, grunge goes stylish

Arwa said...

really awesome as usual..:D
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Jess said...

I like the detail of the lace edges. Adds a nice touch =)g

Walk The Sand said...

Beautiful dress. And love where you've taken the photos.

Dirty Hair Halo said...

great hat.

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

LOve the flower pattern.... it was so spring!!!!!!! =)

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

Follow my blog please... i'll follow yours then =)

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Lenka and James said...

Love this dress