Friday, January 1, 2010

when that evening sun goes down





California Select sweater and vintage California Select dress, American Apparel knee tights, Tory Burch shoes, belt I got as a present. This is pretty much my new favorite dress, and maybe sweater too. My friend gave me this dress for Christmas :)

Listening to: Tupelo Honey-Van Morrison. Favorite track: (Straight to Your Heart) Like a Cannonball.
Sometimes I will just pick a somewhat random record that I haven't really listened to from our record cabinet when I go take pictures. That was the case with this one, I wasn't familiar with it at all. When I listened to it today, I discovered that I like it very very much! It's pretty wonderful. Go listen!

In the past couple days, I have joined Chictopia and Lookbook. I'm not sure how I feel about Lookbook, but I am loving Chictopia. You can find me at The link to my Lookbook is to the right.

Hope everyone's first day of 2010 (so weird!) was good


Wendy said...

Your cardigan is gorgeous!

Faridah said...

Gorgeous look. Happy New Year!

Two Hearts said...

love the cardigan! thanks for link on your blog roll - and welcome to chictopia!

xx maxi

Graham I. Haynes said...

Ridiculously cute. Everything about the combo is on-point.

Just went to your lookbook... consider yourself HYPED :)

Rowdy Style said...

beautiful pics and model

California Select Headquarters said...


MissFashion said...

This, is totally God Smacking Glorious :):):) Luv yah style <3