Saturday, January 2, 2010

gimme shelter





Crop top I made, vintage skirt, American Apparel legwarmers and headband.
Today was extremely hot for winter (almost 80 degrees!) plus I was in the sun the whole day. I'm glad that I dressed appropriately (the legwarmers are the perfect thickness and surprisingly didn't get hot). I spent the day reading Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman which I liked quite a bit and hanging out with my dog.

Listening to: Let it Bleed-The Rolling Stones. Favorite track: Let it Bleed.


Nina said...

Totally love this look!

CHAMANDA said...

sweet! how'd you make the top! your really pretty btw! :)

Jessica said...

cute legwarmers! i wish it was 80 degrees here!


Arwa said...

I really love this look..:)

Retro chic..