Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sticky fingers





The Rolling Stones have been showing up a lot on my Tumblr lately, and if you're a frequent reader you might have noticed that I post with their records quite a bit (here, here, here, here, and back when I started my blog here. That is more than I actually expected.) We have 22 albums of their's (I counted yesterday), so I don't think I'll be running out any time soon. They are also some of the most genius album covers ever in my opinion. I have yet to blog with my favorite cover of their's, Sticky Fingers, which has the front of a pair of jeans on the cover which actually has a zipper.

I've been listening to their albums even more than usual lately and since I haven't had time to put an outfit post together I thought I'd do a post about them! I'm not going to give a history of the band or anything, but I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite bands. I actually saw them in concert once, when I was only two months old! They have some seriously amazing songs, and for every mood too. I was just telling my friend today about how much I love Mick's voice. I was trying to explain that thing he does with his voice which I just can't describe! It sort of...skips sometimes? Angie from Goat's Head Soup is a good example of this.

This post is also slightly fashion related, since I just love their wardrobe, and I desperately want Keith Richards' cape...thing, despite it's sort of ugliness. And I would also like to steal Mick's red glasses.

I had the problem of a couple of the pictures I originally had in this post being huge again. The problem seems to fix itself if I leave them in Photobucket for a little while before posting, so I'll try adding them again later.

And thanks everyone, I reached 100 followers!


Yaryy said...

theyre the best in the world..i love these photos beauty!

Anonymous said...

love them! and the jacket in the first post is ace

thingsIlove said...

They are so cool.

Peach City Style said...

Congrats on the 100 followers!! I just subscribed today :D The first photo is really amazing (contrast of the color with the black & white); you've got me about to break out some Rolling Stone music this evening. ;)

Danielle said...

That's an awesome jacket in the first picture.

Lisa said...

I love the first photo especially.

Ashley said...

Congrats on 100 followers! Love these pictures, and is it wrong that I want the sweater in the first pic?



i love the 2nd shot!

{ I V Y } said...

wow these are pretty amazing!
yay for the 100 followers :D !!

Nelly. said...

Love Rolling Stones so much !