Monday, June 28, 2010

invisible sun

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Tshirt from Flagstaff, AZ, vintage skirt and boots, California Select headband.

Listening to: Ghost in the Machine-The Police. Favorite track: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. I was super confused about this album cover and I've been trying to figure it out for a while. It looks like an alarm clock or something, but it is aaactually a digital representation of the band. Sting is in the middle because he had spiky hair at the time. I was left slightly more confused once I learned this information. I was expecting an a-ha! moment.

Today was unfortunately very gloomy, and my beach plans were cancelled. Instead, me and three friends went to the best cozy little cafe and I got a free white chocolate mocha (my buy ten, get one free drink card was all filled up!) and took these pictures. After changing, we played some games of doubles tennis. Actually, I wouldn't call them games because we can get it back and forth maybe three times and half of the time the ball goes into the next court. We spent a lot of the time making up ridiculous cheers for our teams.

In other news...this is my 100th post!


Jesa said...

LOVE this! Great look!

Flashes of Style said...

I looove this outfit! So cute :)


Great outfit =)


Balkan Couture

B a la Moda said...

Love the combination that you did. I never thought of these colors together.

B* a la Moda

The Serial Dresser said...

the red-purple combo looks great. so bright and vivid! and congrats on your 100th post :) hehe.
cheers for the comment on my blog!

Eli said...

love your outfit! What an interesting bit about the cover! never realized it myself

samantha said...

Simple outfit, but I'm still in love.

Elizabeth said...

adorable, really loving the bright pops of colour.

blow8 said...

i proper love purple and red together! love this look, sickkkk as!

minnja said...

Great outfit. Love the police record:)

Ashley said...

I love your skirt! And ohmygosh, congrats on 100 posts, that's huge!! :D


rouli said...

amazin outfit simone!!!!!!!!

love everythin in it!!!!!

ur shoes are so cool!

keep in touch!!

hope u re doin fine:))


Diya said...

hwat a beautiful color combo on you! I would have never thought to pair the two together on my own but it looks stunning!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

love the purple skirt!

Lisa said...

love this color combo! those shoes are killer too!

Michelle Elaine said...

that graphic on that t-shirt is pretty damn amazing! i'd probably cut into a tank ;)

I saw that you commented on a recent post at "Stylish Wandered" and I thought that you might be interested in my post where I did a DIY body chain:


LUU H. said...

love the color mix with so strong ccolors

Ali Skye said...

cute headband
love the color of the skirt! what a great 100th post! :)

ali skye

emily viveur said...

i love the red and purple combination, it looks so amazing! and congrats on the 100th post :0

Anonymous said...


Danielle said...

That whole thing with the album cover is coool!

Glenda C said...

awesome shoes!