Tuesday, March 9, 2010






There were some very creepy handprints in my friend's apartment garage that I had never noticed.

Vintage dress, DKNY tights (I wrote dress before, sorry if that confused anyone)

I forgot a record this night!! Sometimes when I go out I'll remember at the last minute, but I've never actually forgotten. It was like being naked. It also makes coming up with a post title much harder, since I always pick a track title from the album I'm holding. I picked a track off of the album I'm listening to right now (Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen) instead.

Tuesday nights are the best night of the school week. Besides Fridays, it's usually the only day when I have no activities and I can relax and have so much extra time on my hands!


Casey said...

Blue tights are one of my favorite things ever! I always feel like I should be in the Blue Man Group when I wear them.

Love the album idea by the way! I'm trying to build up my vinyl collection, but my cheapness keeps me from going to places like amoeba and buying them. I'm solely a thrift store record buyer.

Marla Singer said...

such a pretty dress <3

AttemptingStyle said...

i like your hair a lot, long and shinyy.

divine bunny said...

crazy tights. you pull them OFF well.


Kendra said...

Great outfit!
Really cool blog :)


Dubai's it girl said...

I love DKNY. Where did yo find the dress? The whole outfit is very cute, and I love the idea of wearing no shoes. I've forgotten what that was like! LOL

Great blog!
Nia B

Amanda said...

you pull off blue tight so well. very nice. i like!

xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

verseastyle said...

So cute! I wore blue tights yesterday too!

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous dress & I love the blue tights :)

Pretty Vacant. said...

love this
you look great!


Michele said...

Srsly awesome tights!

emily viveur said...

the print of your dress is so fun and adorable!

Ashley said...

i like your dress

t said...

Cute pairing the dress with those tights! :)


Krislyn said...

LOVE the blue tights. you're so gorgeous!


I'm Heraid said...

Truly lovely.

sayablack said...

Your dress is soooo cute!
I like your tights collor.
Please check out my outfit<33

Anonymous said...

great outfit! so colourful and creative hehe

snoblak said...

First of all OMG that motorbike. I DIE! Well I almost did when I was trying to get my license last week, LOL. yeah need more practice. Cute outfit. Love the blue stockings.

kirstyb said...

love that dress and the colour of the tights are fab x

Graham I. Haynes said...

Is it just me or is it a weird coincidence we both posed in front of automobiles this week?? I love the motorcycle.

Even more, the dress is super cute. If you felt funny without a record, it doesn't show.

Charly Johan said...

Nice Dress :)