Monday, April 12, 2010

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Vintage Betsey Johnson pants, Escada shoes, and beaded sweater.

Listening to: A Hard Day's Night-The Beatles. (This record is actually the Brasilian version). Favorite track: I Should Have Known Better.

I came home from Brasil to my mint green room that was freshly painted right before we left. It had been the worst color (one of those green-brown colors that's perfectly fine for a living room but not so inviting in a bedroom) since we moved in a year ago. We recently asked our landlord if we could paint it, and he said yes! I think I'll be wanting to spend much more time in there. It feels so much more open and spacious now.
I took some silly pictures with this 70s phone I got at the swapmeet a while back. Because of the lack of phone jacks in our house, I still don't even know if he works, but he is so cute I just had to get him. He's one of the few random old objects in my room that I like to pick up here and there.


Julie said...

I really like your bedroom colour and that sweater!

the phone is sooo cute! haha


Nia B said...

Your pants are muy bonita! That means very pretty in Spanish...not sure if it's the same in Portugese. lol

Tc, Nia B

Anonymous said...

cool hat :)

Meggstatus said...

These pants are to die for!!!

Such a great find.

akaCola said...

those vintage pants are the best!! and their Betsy J which makes them even better! very cute outfit! and that color looks great on your walls :)

Camilla said...

ohh, your style is just adorable x


Ali Skye said...

i absolutely lovveeeee that beaded top!!! it's adorable!!!

the carpet in my room is also a mint green! it looks kind of like grass, so every time i walk into my room, it feels like spring!

great post!

Ali Skye

Claire said...

LOVE this outfit. those trousers against the lace... perfect. x

nuheila said...

Love your hat!You look so fabulous.
Have a wonderful day!


.....InStyle.... said...

nice blog! lovely outfit!

Ugly Cute said...

you look so cute, this is a really inspiring unique outfit


Elizabeth said...

love the combination of the pants and shoes. :)

Victoire said...

that shirt + those pants = love

perfect combination. I've been looking for a cropped top like that for ages!


Anonymous said...

I love the plaid pants rolled up to the 'new' it pant length. You are looking very fresh my friend. xo Mish


Constance said...

Love your hair in these!

Jess said...

that's a cool top, i like the knit pattern!sur

Kristiana V said...

cool hat :D