Saturday, April 17, 2010










I cut my Dad's old shirt into a crop top for 80s day at my school a few weeks ago and ended up really liking it. I wore it with a vintage skirt, Diesel belt and vintage earrings. I also straightened my hair for the first time in forever and it feels so weird!

Listening to: Let's Dance-David Bowie. Favorite track: China Girl.


michelle_ said...

i just found your blog and already loving it !
gonna follow you :)
love that skirt by the way !

xoxo. michelle
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Anonymous said...

cutting that top worked out really well :)

Graham I. Haynes said...

I've been listening to Bowie all week, too!

You look amazing in these photos. No surprise there.

The shirt being your Dad's was a surprise, though. Good work.

PS. I temporarily messed up the link to your site on my recent post. Luckily I fixed it before too many people read it. Seriously, though, your DIY'ing inspires me.

Nadia Jenna said...

You have such lovely hair! :)

Vicki said...

I love your spotted skirt, orange and has a bow!! LOVE it! :)
vicki xo

Victoire said...

Seriously, you're too pretty! That first picture of you really stunned me :) and you wear that cropped top so well!


Constance said...

Beautiful laid back look, i love the cropped top!

Nia B said...

What a brilliant skirt. You always have the cutest outfits on in your photos.

Tc, Nia B

rouli said...

love your outfit!!!!!!!!

gorgeous skirt!!!!!!!

coooooooool blog!

come visit me..!!!!!!!

Hunter and Hannah said...

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Anonymous said...

loving the orange skirt!
fun, flirty look
love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing, darling!


Anonymous said...

That skirt, that skirt, that it! And the bottle cap earrings...very original girl. xo Mish

Elaine said...

That polka-dot skirt is SO cute! I love the little bow on the side too!

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i love that orange skirt and the t-shirts got a great fit.

rouli said...

hey cool blogger girl!!!!!

thanks for visiting and comm:))


AttemptingStyle said...

really liking the crop top. you definitely worked it right with the high waisted skirt, + lowrise anything it could have gone waaay britney spears circa 2000.

Devon said...

Absolutely stunning x

Meggstatus said...

Your hair looks fabulous and so does your skirt!

Ali Skye said...

cutting the top was such a great idea!i love the look of cropped tops and i am going to be doing that to a big t-shirt of mine too!
i love the polka dot skirt! it's so springy and i love that color orange!

great post once again!

Ali Skye
^^check out the new posts!

jessica wu said...

cute skirt!!
following :]


michelle_ said...

thanks so much for your commetn !
im looking forward to a new post from you !

Hunter and Hannah said...
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