Thursday, April 15, 2010

one of the few





Some month-old pictures consisting of two of my favorite items from American Apparel and a random green hat I found in my house. The shirt is actually a dress, which is amazing and I feel like it's a different take on the classic little black dress.

Listening to: The Final Cut-Pink Floyd. Favorite track: Your Possible Pasts.

I'm going to check out the garden collection at h&m this weekend; way later than everyone else I feel like. Hopefully there's still some good stuff left, I have my eye on a couple floral dresses on the website that look like they would be perfect for frolicing barefoot in an open field of grass and flowers (something I have yet to find in San Diego)


samantha said...

the hat goes so well with the greenery.

KeepSmiling said...

That shirt/dress is so nice!
I have to take a last look to Garden Collection... I'm still thinking about a lovely biker jacket made of a jute-like material *___*

Elizabeth said...

i looove your top! it goes perfectly with the shorts.

Maria Tavares said...

The hat is awesome. Loved the outfit as well :D

Anonymous said...

OBSESSED with that top
so chic!
thanks for sharing as always darling
and thanks for your sweet comments!