Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pretty in pink

The other day I decided to rent "The Breakfast Club". I figured it was one of those movies that are a necessity to watch. I really didn't know what to expect from it or what it was about at all. It was in the comedy section, so I didn't really expect it to be as dramatic as it was! But I still really liked it (except for the jock, second from the left, he really really annoyed me.). There's something about any teen 80's movie that just makes you like it. I wonder if it's because they're old, but I seriously doubt movies from now will have the same effect in 20 years.

So anyways, what was cool about the fashion in this movie (or I guess just Molly Ringwald's outfit, nobody else is particularly stylish, except that one guy's look is pretty cool. I forgot his name, the one on the left...) is that it's set in one room and one day, so they never change clothes. That makes it easy to really focus on all of the outfits for a long time. Although her shirt reminded me of nurse scrubs, I still really like her overall look. I really love 80's fashion (and have a lot of it :D); there's something about it that is really fun. I'd sure like to find a pair of vintage boots like hers!

Love, Simone

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Anonymous said...

wow shoeless simone, whoever you are

you sure rock at blogging!