Monday, September 7, 2009

christian dior fall 2009 couture

So I was looking my way through the Fall 2009 Couture shows. This one stood out to me so much, for obvious reasons. It pretty much looks like John Galliano travelled back in time in a Delorean, snuck backstage at a Dior show circa 1950, and kidnapped half-dressed models wearing Dior's New Look for inspiration. Which isn't far off at all. He took inspiration from pictures of Monsieur Dior dressing his models for a show. Not quite as far-fetched, but I thought of my theory even before I read that.

Obviously the looks aren't completely wearable, but the separates are really beautiful. The colors are really nice, especially on the orange skirt. My favorite looks are a tie between the orange skirt and the long yellow skirt. I also really like the sillhouette of the look next to the farthest on the right. The 1950's is one of my personal favorites in terms of fashion. These clothes definitely really capture the decade, which is the point!

Auf wiedersehen, Simone (I definitely looked up how to spell that)

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