Sunday, September 13, 2009

tomorrow never knows

Vintage Betsey Johnson dress, Hue tights.
Listening to: Revolver-The Beatles. Favorite track : And Your Bird Can Sing. That song is one of my all-time favorite Beatles song. It's definitely in my top five! The album cover is really cool, it's a little annoying that you can't see it too well in these pictures.

My tights got pretty darn dusty after this little adventure to the park. I guess I'm technically not barefoot, but close enough. It was actually pretty cold this evening!

Sayounara, Simone


nora said...

you're so hip

Anonymous said...

Today I found this amazing blog. You're such a beautiful girl, and your outfits are gorgeous, especially your tights! But if you like to go shoeless, don't you have a lot of waste of them? Do you wear tights also with holes or dou you throw them away, then?