Friday, September 4, 2009

that's one fishy pair of shoes...

When I saw these spiffy Pierre Hardy shoes, I thought of a colorful fish in a reef. I like how the shoe is actually really simple underneath, but then the designer piles on all the cool little colorful discs. He does it without going too overboard, because the way they are arranged is very simple and not too overwhelming at all! I like how there are only a couple touches of color, with the orange and the blue. I think that since the design is so wild, keeping the color palette is smart. If they were a whole rainbow of colors, it would be too much. Since the shoe is really eye-catching, I would keep my outfit very simple not to detract from these lovely shoes! In my opinion as an amateur shoe critic, they are the perfect mix of elegance and fun.

One thing they really really reminded me of was the book, The Rainbow Fish. Like the fish in that book (which was one of my favorites as a kid), these shoes really stand out!

Adios, Simone :)

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