Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bridge over troubled water






Crop top I made myself, vintage Levis and boots. I wore this crop top on here pretty recently I believe, but I didn't get to show the braiding in the back. And I have been wearing these boots nonstop.
Listening to: Bridge Over Troubled Water-Simon and Garfunkel. Favorite track: Cecilia.

This creepy van was the only car in this parking lot, and I'm still not sure if its ugliness made these pictures better or worse.

Hope everyone has a nice Wednesday night! I am free from homework tonight which is really nice for a change, I'm going to go work on a leather skirt I've been making that I'm really excited about. I should have it done be this weekend so I can show you guys!


princesspolitico said...

you look like a superhero with your awesome red tights and cream fringed boots. i really like this set of photos - even with the creeper van in the background :)


M :| said...

your super pretty, i like that shirt a lot! and nice glasses xo

Wendy said...

The back of your shirt is so rad!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the fringed boots!

victoriajeanne said...

loving this look! i couldn't figure out how to rock red legs, i saw them in a more preppy look and was well... disgusted haha. but yeah loved everything about this look and your blog!

check me out!

fadetoblack said...

aw i love the photos! looks right out of a shoot!!

thats awesome that you make stuff!!
do you go to fashion school?

shoeless simone said...

No I'm still in high school, but I plan on it for college! :)

Graham I. Haynes said...

Hey! I remember those boots. And they look even better ON.

shoeless simone said...

I wear them at least twice a week, they'll be black soon!

Tanvi said...

That red is rockin :)