Thursday, August 5, 2010

visions of paradise

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Vintage sunglasses and skirt, American Apparel crop top.

Listening to: In Search of the Lost Chord-The Moody Blues. Favorite track: Voices in the Sky.

I was in an awful mood this morning. I think it had to do with the fact that it was gloomy outside. But once the sun came out and I put on some uplifting music and went outside and drew in the sun, my mood was completely reversed! I feel like dancing around.

Now that I'm back in San Diego, I've made a summer to do list, which includes getting a job, practicing driving, painting, drawing, reading, sewing, and playing guitar (among a couple other things). It's quite a bit to do, but I have a whole month! I feel like being productive. What's on your to do list?


Annabel said...

going to balboa park!

Julie said...

I love that crop with that skirt. It looks amazing.

Nothing's on my to do list, i've got 11 days until i go back to school, and got my exam results earlier today! eeek.

Julie x @

Becca said...

I'm loving the crop top and high waist combo. I've been meaning to try it! You look lovely, and I'm glad to hear you cheered up. I was also in a foul mood all day for no particular reason, but now that I'm home and listening to music and reading blogs, my day is seriously improving.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos, love the proportions, and those shoes, ah love!

emily said...

i love the crop top! and definitely the shoes. the detailing on the side is so pretty.

Elizabeth said...

i'm so jealous of your shoes. great outfit!

jamie-lee said...

Love the outfit - the skirt is adorable.
On my to-do list is a large number of diys, but first i need a sewing machine!

Vicki said...

love these photos my dear!! I love your watch! can i ask where you got it? is the face different colours? :) x

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Everything here is just so pretty! Following.

My Republic of Fashion said...

Great outfit! Love that skirt so much.:)SarahD

Briana said...

great look and photos- the colors are so bright!
just found your blog and am now following.
check out mine!


Anonymous said...

you are definitely talented.

Emilie said...

Great pics!
Love the braid!

Graham I. Haynes said...

Your to-do list makes me want to get off my computer and be ambitious about my day.

Great music choice and a really cute outfit.

Yaary said...

ohh this outfit! i love the skirt.
and your braid :)

Viki said...

your skirt is so nice:)
i love balboa park, is hudge!!


Danielle said...

Your to do list includes so many.... artsy things. I like it:)