Monday, August 16, 2010

i get a thrill

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This weekend I went on a roadtrip to San Francisco. Four of us in a my sister's mini cooper+one ipod on shuffle+multiple Taco Bell/McDonalds stops=a very good time! San Francisco was full of live music and good food. All in all, a fun trip.
Took these in the middle of nowhere on the drive back. Right off the freeway in a place called Altamont, specifically. It was there that The Stones played the infamous concert that apparently was sort of the end of the whole 60s peace and love thing (some serious violence went down). It's a coincidence that I wore the shirt!

I'm wearing vintage everything...I got the boots on Haight Street this weekend, exactly the style I've been wanting. I hadn't bought anything all day and was a little discouraged. Then, in the last store I spotted these! For a good price and exactly my size. They're actually kids shoes. One of the perks of having rather small feet is that every vintage shoe seems to fit me just right. These are a little tight and uncomfortable on the top of my foot for the time being, but I love them nonetheless.

Listening to: The Honeydrippers: Volume One. (a band including Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck). Favorite track: Sea of Love. I have three words to say about this song: Watch. The. Video. I find it hilarious for some reason, it's so 80s and random! Most people I show it to don't even laugh, but you can see for yourself. I personally need to watch it regularly.


Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

love the boots!

Ali Skye said...

these pictures are AMAZING.
i love your shorts and i think the way you put outfits together is amazing!!
i love the color of your combat boots! i recently bought doc martens the same color!

ali skye

Galaxy Butterfly said...

OMG that video is delightfully cheesy and hilarious!! I love the horse part, the man in speedos playing the metallophone and the fabulous hairstyles ;P lol
And your new shoes look awesome. :O

Nayantara Sam said...

Jesus fucking christ! Those shoes are amazing! I used to blog at FabBlab, but this is my new blog: Pleasse follow :D

ViCreative said...

very cool pictures!!!
thanks for stopping my blog!!

(new post: Fall Preview & follow me)

Jidhu Jose said...

nice shoe
pls visit my blog

Clara said...

amazing pics
i love your look

Danielle said...

I hate having big feet, I can hardly ever find shoes that fit me at thrift stores.

Ashley said...

So retro - you look like a hitchhiker from the 70s, hair and all!

xoxo, Ashley

Elizabeth said...

great photos, i love love love your boots!

Graham I. Haynes said...

Those boots are killer.


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