Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hungry like the wolf

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My sister got me this vintage dress in Paris! It's pretty long and I usually don't wear long dresses. I'm in LA for a while and don't have my sewing machine, so I used a belt to make it shorter for the time being. However, by the time 4 oclock rolled around, my dress was at it's full length! I actually like it, even though I resemble a granny on vacation. It made me look ridiculously tall in the 6th picture. My friend bought me these sunglasses as a birthday present at the flea market! The hat is from Urban.

Listening to: Rio-Duran Duran. Favorite track: Rio.

These were taken on my 16th birthday on Sunday. The day consisted of watching the World Cup and having neutral feelings about the winner, buying lots and lots of vintage clothing at the flea market, free slurpees from two different 711s, a beanie baby with my birthday which is something I've wanted my whole life (!!!!!!), an ice cream cake with my picture on it, and the first sunny day of summer! Overall a fantastic day. Thanks to the readers that told me happy early birthday in my last post!


Carys said...

How nice of your sister, what a lovely dress! Your hat is so nice too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

M. and O. said...

So cute dress, we love it !
Nice photos too :)
xox from France.
Olivia & Mariam



love the dress that your sister got for you!perfect for summer xoxo, B

Jesa said...

These pics are so cute! Adore the print!

Cheers, Jesa


wonderful pictures love the vintage dress from paris!

Louela Daniele said...

loveee your outfitt! its soo colorful and vibrant! just perfect for the summer! youre looking cute as well :]


Lisa said...

cute dress, so summery..and that hat is darling!

Galaxy Butterfly said...

Beanie Babies are in fact awesome :)
Glad to read you had a nice birthday!

The Serial Dresser said...

sounds like you had one awesome birthday! and from your smile in the pictures.. I guess it has to be true. :)

Miss Woody said...

wow love it !

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love that vintage dress!


MARTA said...

vintage love it.

Yaary said...

girl you look so cute! i love and i want that dress :D

Ashley said...

Happy birthday!! The print on the dress is so fun, I bet once you em it a bit, it won't have that granny-on-vacay vibe. The hat and sunglasses (and the record) give these shots such a wonderful retro feel.

xoxo, Ashley

Danielle said...

Happy late birthday! I would hate not having a sewing machine! That dress would look good short.

And you should totally go out and learn how to play the ukulele!

Peach City Style said...

I love the shades!