Saturday, July 10, 2010


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Thrifted shirt, vintage Levis and boots (sorry I wear these in every other post). My sister bought me this purse in Paris (thanks, Nove!) and I've been wearing it basically nonstop.

I went to Hollywood today for the first time in years and the wax museum for the first time in my life. It was way cooler than I expected, and I was slightly creeped out when I first walked in.

Oh and guess what? Tomorrow is my birthday! I already had a delicious pre-birthday dinner at a yummy indian place and when I came back home, my friends surprised me with a sign on the door covered in quotes from Mean Girls (one of my favorite movies ever) and my bed covered my favorite candies. A good preview for tomorrow!


Georgia said...

Ahhh lovely friends :)
I love your thrifted top, great colours for summer
It would be mine
Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

LUU H. said...

but those boots are cool, though ! and happ bday tomorrow ;)

Charleston said...

such an eclectic outfit, i love it x

Le Blog de Cornichoom said...

I ♥ your blog !
I ♥ your vintage clothes !
and I ♥ your photographs !


Anonymous said...

girl you are so cute!! Love that shirt so much. Happy early birthday :]

Danielle said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes way back when!
I think I went to hollywood a longggggg time ago, but I don't remember it... Hope you're having fun!

Luísa Lión said...

How I miss LA!! Ahh love the pictures...godd times ;)


The Serial Dresser said...

first of all - happy belated birthday! hope you had a great one. :)
you've got a beautiful smile! and that shirt looks so soft, haha.

Carissa said...

cute top!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love your colorful top and turqoise bag!