Sunday, December 6, 2009

stairway to heaven

Thrifted YSL shirt, vintage lace leotard, skirt I made.

Listening to: Led Zeppelin IV. Favorite track: Going to California. It is very difficult for me to pick a favorite track off of this album. It would probably be Stairway to Heaven, but the fact that the song is so overly famous kills it juuust enough to put it in second (but barely!). I still think it's quite the amazing song. The lyrics are amazing and I enjoy singing along, even though I can't get hit the high notes at all...also, their performance of it on The Song Remains the Same (the movie) mesmerizes me every time.
Oh, and thanks to my wonderful friend Jordan for giving me this record!



Graham I. Haynes said...

Great pics.
I see your friend made a cameo there.

fayeee said...

stairway to heaven is a cracking song! The bench photos are awesomeee, if you have some time have a look at my blog if you wish :)


Cristina said...

You are cuteee:)


Jordan H said...

Hmmm Wonder where you got that album from? You would think that because it came from a good friend she would mention it hmmm

M. and O. said...

News on

New post by Mariam.B, his digital camera is break so she took photos with her mobile !
Come on and see her post :) see ya

Jordan H said...

Awww Shucks. Thanks for mentioning me.

shoeless simone said...

Jordan stop making unnecessary comments on my blog :)

Everyone else, I appreciate them VERY much!