Thursday, August 27, 2009

if salazar slytherin designed a pair of shoes...

I think that shoes are some mighty fine pieces of art. My favorite shoe master has to be Christian Louboutin. It's pretty much my goal right now to own a pair of those, in the near future. Here is a pair from the Summer 2009 collection that I find quite amazing...
I'm always drawn to shoes in snake skin for some reason. There were some other nice ones in a light blue snake skin that I really loved from this collection too, but these really caught my eye because of the extremely cool thing in the front (I don't even know what to call it, a flower?) They're like the opposite of a mullet: business in the back, party in the front! I don't even know how much they cost (I'm guessing over $1000?). If you wish to do any early Christmas shopping for me, head over to the Last Call Sale at Neiman Marcus, see if they're half off! ;)

Cheers, Simone

Oh, I'm a size 6 1/2 by the way

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