Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bron-y-aur stomp

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Vintage dress, American Apparel cardigan. My 70s wardrobe is steadily growing and it makes me incredibly happy.

Listening to: Led Zeppelin III. Favorite track: That's the Way. Okay wait maybe it's Tangerine. Or maybe Bron-y-aur Stomp (written about Robert Plant's dog HOW ADORABLE IS THAT). I am clearly rather indecisive about this album. Well actually, let me tell you a little story about this album:

One day, almost two years ago, I was in one of my favorite record stores. To clarify, III wasn't one of my favorite albums at that time like it is now. So anyways, at that record store, I found a copy in the Led Zeppelin section for $10. And I thought to myself, "if I buy this, I won't have enough money to buy lunch. it's either lunch or a new record!" Well, silly me picked lunch. And I regretted it. I couldn't find the record ANYWHERE after that. I searched in countless record stores, ebay, asked for it for Christmas, but nothing. And this past January, a year and a half after that fateful decision, I was still III-less. It was all I wanted! Then one day I went to a record show. I circled every booth, searching for III. It was nowhere to be found! Finally, at one of the last booths, I asked in defeat not expecting anything, "do you have Led Zeppelin III?" And guess what! He had it, and for only $8! It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. I kissed the record when nobody was looking, which is sort of embarrassing but oh well.


Alessandra said...

Love. that. album.
Also have the vinyl.
I think I kissed it, too.
Tangerine, greatest Led Zeppelin song ever.
Great album, great photos.

Hanna said...

what a lovely story! :) nothing is better than finding something you've been looking for for a long time...

Faridah said...

Your blog concept is so clever! You look so cute holding the vinyls :)

Great blog!

Elizabeth said...

love the story! i did a similar thing, but i picked a dress over lunch. great colours also :)


I can make you fly. said...
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I can make you fly. said...

You don't blog much... but when you do it sure is lovely :)

conway-jones (music) said...

love that album always has been my favourite.. I made dozens of records myself in the acoustic vein after being so inspired by it many years ago.. I like your blog

Richard Conway-jones