Tuesday, November 9, 2010

another tricky day

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Thrifted hat, vintage Betsey Johnson dress under vintage shirt.

Listening to: Face Dances-The Who. Favorite track: You Better You Bet. Actually, at this exact moment I am listening to Guns n Roses and enjoying a homework free night. And tomorrow is like Friday, with no school on Thursday or Friday! I am so excited


Under the Spell said...

lovely hat!

Isabelle said...

i love your hair and skirt.xx

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

great skirt & hat!!

<3 <3

Ivânia Diamond*

Anonymous said...

enjoy your time off, love your skirt!


A Little Brighter said...

I can never pull off the dress under tee look but it looks perfect on you :D
That hat is dreamy! I want it!

Ayesha x

rυnawayιnla. said...

LOVE your outfit! (: I like how you paired a shirt over your Betsey Johnson dress, looks adorable!


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

I just adore that hat on you!!

Anonymous said...

hey, i love your vintage look simone :)
btw, what are you holding there in your photos? it looks unique, what is it?

Anonymous said...

cute! love the skirt

Elizabeth said...

i love love love the print of your dress! gorgeous.


Chelsea Lane said...

llllooovveeee this dress! you're adorable, your hair is so perfect.


hiven said...

Your eyes are amazing. Love the hat! x hivennn. Enter my giveaway? Six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway, ending tonight.

Alina A. said...

beautiful skirt and shoes.xx


Gorgeous Clara said...

thanks a lot! that´s a great outfit! I love the hat

Sanny said...

The floral prints on your dress is so pretty! It reminds of my jumper that I haven't worn for a while hihih! Thank you!

Have a jovial day! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

I love your skirt!!!
the colors are so sweet

hope to hear from you!
love always


mariel elisa said...

love the print on the dress, and love how laid-back, casual, and comfy your chic outfit is

jamie-lee said...

Loving the hat - it looks gorgeous on you! Oh and you lucky thing,I wish my Wednesday was like a Friday!


michelle_ said...

you look really chic in this outfit !
im loving your bowler hat very much !

glisters and blisters

Hanna said...

I hadn't really listened that much to The Who before, but I listened to You Better You Bet after your recommendation here, and I really loved it (it's on my playlist of november now). :)

Dirty Closet said...

beautiful hat!

rouli said...


kiss dear

{ I V Y } said...


Abi said...

I'm liking the hat, and the pairing of the skirt with brogues. Nice look!

Isabelle said...

i LOVE your hair--it makes for hat wearing perfect xx

Danielle said...

So, you're saying you had a 4-day weekend? Ohhhh, what I would give for one of those.
But for decades day, I wore the sequined top.

cristina petre said...

cute outfit!