Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sea of time

Vintage shirt and vintage Betsey Johnson pants.
Listening to: Yellow Submarine-the Beatles. Favorite track: Hey Bulldog. I try not to repeat bands with the records I pose with, but we have so many Beatles that I figured it was time to post another. I'm probably going to throw in another Stones or Led Zeppelin soon, because those are also ones I have a lot of (which works out, since those are my 3 favorite bands). Also, the covers are so amazing, especially the Rolling Stones. I mean, can you beat an actual zipper on a photograph of jeans? Andy Warhol was a genius. Maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Speaking of the Stones, this shirt is from the first concert I ever went to! I was only a couple months old, but I attended the show in Oakland. I actually bought the shirt this year on eBay, after stumbling upon the merchandise catalog from the concert in a book I was reading at home. I think it's extremely cool.

Have a nice evening, Simone

PS. That furry animal lurking in the background is my dog, Giselle.